The Army of the Dead

King of the Dead, 2 Heralds and 45 Warriors of the Dead from Games Workshop’s Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game.
The Army of the Dead is a great addition to my ever growing Lord of the Rings Collection.
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3 thoughts on “The Army of the Dead”

    1. Hello Alberto, thanks for the question. Over a mid-grey basecoat, I drybrushed a layer of lighter grey and then off-white / ivory color on the upper portions. The head, shoulders, arms and chest. Then I washed the whole area in a pale green / verdigris thinned with water. Games Workshop Nihilakh Oxide would work.
      Then I reapplied a very light drybrush of light grey and off-white in random areas. What I mean by light is that you wipe all of the paint off of your brush and leave just a hint of color on the brush. Check on the back of your hand for how much paint is left in the bristles. Just barely brush over the model. A low-cost blender make-up brush works great for this.
      I then added colored glazes in random patterns in the deep shadows to add variety to the models. Purple / Magenta and Blue-Grey works and I used a Red for the King of Dead. Games Workshop Citadel Contrast or just add Glaze Medium to your paints. As a final step on the King, Heralds and random troops you can add a very light drybrush of White on the upper portions of the head, shoulders, arms and chest areas.
      This should give you a good starting point and feel free to change the steps or omit some to fit your needs. Good Luck and Happy Painting!


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