Kingdom Death Prologue Survivors and the White Lion

Kingdom Death Prologue Survivors and the White Lion from the board game Kingdom Death: Monster.

Painted on commission at Tier 2.

I really enjoyed painting these, the Object Source Lighting (OSL) from the lanterns turned out really nice and the gore looks great.

More Kingdom Death models coming soon!

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2 thoughts on “Kingdom Death Prologue Survivors and the White Lion”

  1. Very nice.
    The OSL on the guy with the rock looks exceptionally good.

    How do you find Kingdom Death models overall? I’ve seen a few I like the look of, but know nothing about the company so have been a bit hesitant to jump in.


    1. Thanks for the kind words Jenn. You can find out all about the models and company on their website.

      These models are part of an ongoing commission project and were provided by the client.
      My local game store has a few of the Kingdom Death: Monster Box Game which has over 20 beautifully sculpted models included.
      I am looking forward to painting more from the line throughout the year.

      I have seen Kingdom Death models for sale on Ebay, but you run the chance of recast product and usually those are not the best in quality.


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