CLASH of Katanas: Korean Skirmishers

Perry Miniatures Korean (1592-98) models painted on commission for the supplement CLASH of Katanas to the game CLASH of Spears.

You can view the kickstarter at the link below.

Models shown:

Heavy Infantry Command Leader with Standard Bearer and Musician (3 models)

Mounted Commanders (2 models)

Armoured Calvary with Bows (3 models)

Armoured Calvary with Double Handed Flail (3 models)

Heavy Infantry with Swords and Round Shields (6 models)

Heavy Infantry with Glaives (Hyup Do) (8 models)

Heavy Infantry with Two Swords (4 models)

Heavy Infantry Commander (center model)

Garrison Archers (18 models)

Armoured Infantry with Aquebus (8 models)

Hwa Go (multi-barrelled artillery piece) and three-man crew

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