Star Wars Rebellion Box Set and The Rise of The Empire Expansion Set

Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Rebellion Box Set and The Rise of The Empire Expansion Set painted on commission at a Tier 1 Level.

Both sets have multiple copies of what is shown in the pictures. I thought it would be easier to see the details on the individual pieces and not be overwhelmed with the mass of models.

The breakdown of the models are as follows:

Rebel Forces:

Ion Cannon x3

Ground Turret x3

Corellian Corvette with Blue markings x2

U-Wing x6

Mon Calamari Cruiser x3

X-Wing x8

Shield Generator x3

B-Frigate x3

Y-Wing x12

Transport x4

Rebel Trooper x21

Missed Trooper x6

Corellian Corvette with Red markings x2

Imperial Forces:

Star Destroyer x8

AT-AT x4

Death Star x2

Assault Carrier x8

Tie Defender x6

Super Star Destroyer x2

Shield Projector x3

Stormtrooper x29

Assault Tank x6

Tie Figher x24

Death Star under construction x1

AT-ST x10

Immobilizer Cruiser x3

Total pieces: 188

These were very fun to paint and a nice change from what I normally paint.

I believe they are 15mm scale. You can see the size comparison to my thump nail in the last picture.



#500minis2021 590/500

Rebel Forces

Imperial Forces

“Aren’t you a little short for a Stormtrooper?”